5 Things to Do in New York City

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New York has over the years earned the reputation of a city that doesn’t sleep because of the many galleries, museums, restaurants and other attractions available in the city that could keep you occupied all day and all night for weeks or months. Thus, if you have never been to New York, it is important that you visit the city at least once to enjoy some of these activities. If you are planning a trip to New York City, you will want to know what to do when you get there. This article will explain five things you can do when you are in New York City.

Statue of Liberty

This one is my favorite. It is where I met my boss and sparked my successful main career performing garage door replacement in the state of Arkansas. The Statue of Liberty is a very important structure in New York City and is now reputed to be the symbol of the city due to its popularity and significance. This statue should easily pass for one of the first fun locations you should visit in New York City as your New York City experience or experiences can never be complete if you have never been to the Statue of Liberty.

Take a Sightseeing Tour

There are many things to see when you are in New York. A sightseeing tour offers you the opportunity to see many of the most important parts of New York within a very short while. Some of the sites that a sightseeing tour will pass through include the Madison Square Garden, High Line, Charging Bull / Wall Street, City Hall / Brooklyn Bridge, Little Italy / SOHO as well as Empire State Building among others. You might find yourself leaving the bus to see more of some of these New York City Tourist Attractions.

Empire State Building

If you are a movie lover, chances are that you would have seen the Empire State Building in several movies including King Kong, Sleepless in Seattle as well as An Affair to Remember among others. This alone is enough to make you interested in seeing the building. It is one of the most popular building and tourist location in New York City. You should consider taking a trip to the building to see what elements make it fascinating, interesting and that has made it such a popular building in the world.

Observation from the Rock Top

There is an observatory that is located on top of the Rockefeller Center that provides you with a panoramic view of New York City. Even though the Rockefeller Center itself that comprises of 19 separate buildings is a tourist attraction itself, the observatory on its top is a more important attraction. Some of the parts of New York you will see from the observatory include Chrysler Building, World Trade Center, Empire State Building and other skyscrapers.


There are several museums in New York City that are packed with the history, art and other interesting artifacts. Some of such museums include Intrepid, Air and Space Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Met, Museum of Modern Art and American Museum of Natural History among others.


These are just a few, but the topmost of things to do in New York City. Some other activities worthy of mention include taking a boat cruise in Manhattan, visiting Time Square, engaging in bike rentals in the Central Park and visiting Yankee Stadium among others.

6 common mistakes to spoil your summer vacation

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Many aspire to spend a special holiday outside the country during the summer, and make all the preparations necessary to achieve this goal, according to the site “24” UAE:

But there are some simple errors that occur in some and lead to spoiling their vacation, and the following are the most important, according to Walters World website:

1- Compression of many activities in a short period of time

When planning a trip, avoid trying to visit a large number of areas and do a lot of activities in a short period of time, but try to choose the most important tourist attractions to visit, or extend your holiday to cover all the activities that you plan to do.

2. Choose cheap flights

Beware of cheap flights. Many travel companies choose airports and stations too far from the city to cut costs, so you have to pay more money to reach your destination. Here’s a good site for cheap flights:


3 – Stay outside the city

Similar to the past, avoid staying in areas away from the city for savings, where more money will be spent on transportation costs to and from the city, which will eliminate any benefit to save on the price of accommodation.

4. Do not perform a destination search

Many people fail to do the right search on the Internet for the tourist destination they visit, which leads to spending more money, or not knowing the customs and traditions of the country they are going to, spoiling their journey, or turning them into a real nightmare.

5. Do not lose prices

It is necessary to know the prices of hotels, restaurants, transportation, food, and drinks before embarking on the journey, to avoid being cheated and deceived.

6. Pack lots of luggage

Excess baggage can cost you a lot, and at the same time, it can be a hassle and confusion during the trip and restrict your movement while traveling among tourist attractions, so it’s best to pack only the clothes you need to enjoy the trip.

And away from the benefits .. Learn about the disadvantages of travel

“In Travel 7 Benefits”, we always hear about travel as a good way to entertain and to see new places and to meet different peoples, cultures, and other things.

According to the Oyster website, there are also disadvantages and disadvantages of traveling for long periods of time and many places.

1 – Frequent travel gives the person a sense of stability, which affects his mental state and psychological.

2 – When traveling for long periods affects social relations and turmoil, then affected by the strength of the relationship of the family and friends.

3 – When traveling to different places and frequently affects the biological clock of the human, as there is an imbalance in the dates of sleep and eating of food, which may adversely affect the health and life in general.

4. The formation of friends becomes more difficult because of the instability one experiences while traveling, and friendships are usually temporary and transient and unsustainable.

5. The feeling of nostalgia can lead to negative psychological effects that cause the traveler to return to his home country and thus fail in the mission for which he traveled, such as study or work.

How to travel with a pet

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Whether you are going far away or a place close to home, packing for your pet is different from packing for yourself. You should pack plenty of extra toys, food, a blanket to make the pet remember home and a water bowl to keep them hydrated throughout the trip. Check the current weather condition at your travel destination. Excessively furry or sort –nosed dogs might require a cooling vest for the hot weather, and the smaller dogs might need a sweater when in chilly cabins or airplanes.

Before your Trip:

If you’re traveling by plane, register your pet with the airline, many carriers have a set number of pets that can go on one flight. Also, check the carrier or crate dimensions and include a lot of information to identify your pet on the collar or carrier. You should include your destination and home address on it.

There are several tips that you can use when traveling using different means. The suggestions by mode of travel are as follows:

In the Car

If you have a long drive, a few days before the road trip, train your pet to be in the car for several hours. For example, you can have a drive to nearby pack to help them build upon positive association. Prevent them from car sickness by feeding them a few hours ahead of departure, maintain the interiors of the car cool and consider safety measures by been before harnessing.

In an Airport

Take a walk to relax the pet before arriving at the terminal. Many airports have created relief zones for pets or outdoor areas though they tend to be small, they are of help. Allow some ample time between your flights to avoid stress as you could transfer the same to your pet. Do not feed a lot of snacks because this could lead to stomach upsets especially for those that are not used to flights.

In a Hotel

First, you can leave your TV on when you are away to give your pet a comforting background .this can help them to remain calm especially if you are in a noisy city that they are not used to be before. Always have ‘Do not disturb”, sign on your door to prevent a scenario whereby housekeeping will scare your critter, and request that they allocate you a room that is far away from the elevators to avoid a lot of foot traffic next to your door.

In a Foreign City

You should browse the internet to find some pet-friendly activities where you are visiting. And assuming that you are putting up in a pet-friendly hotel, ask the concierge to direct you to restaurants that offer direct seating. They might give you a lot of suggestions to choose from


Traveling can stress out some pets, so before booking your trip, consider your pet’s personality. Consider if they are comfortable being in a car for long if they are friendly to strangers, or comfortable exploring new environments. These are pointers to how your pet will handle your few days of adventure.